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Lovely Without Us

by Kathryn Hinds

From Canary Summer 2011

Originally from the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Kathryn now lives in the southern Appalachians, in the Upper Chattahoochee watershed.

The earth’s work never stops; it will go on

long after we have quit the scene. In fact

the air may breathe relief when we are gone--

and think of all the species left intact,

and of lands unravaged by relentless lust

for coal and metal, timber, gems, and oil....

Earth will be lovely. But then, we’ll be dust--

organic matter in some forest’s soil,

washed piecemeal to the sea with each new storm,

our sediments compressing into stone,

while a tree bleeds insect-trapping sap to form

the future’s amber, holding frozen one

brief moment of a brief-lived life.

Time both forgives and mocks our transient strife.

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