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In The Confines Of Everything

by Garth Pavell

From Canary Spring 2012

Garth lives in the Southern Long Island Watershed of Brooklyn, New York, where urban nature flourishes between Gravesend Bay and the Verrazano Bridge.

In the confines of everything I often find myself
Going for a walk on windy cold clear nights
Stars glittering mindless ancient celebrations
The sum of which may inadvertently torpedo
Someone else’s vegetables – a distant garden
In a world not unlike our own, full of distractions
Ceremonial conflicts that make their world go
Round the unfound merry-go-round, ooh feel that
Woozy earthbound meter clubbing in our
Mother ship’s undertow, an example there is
Life beyond congressional shoe shines and yahoo news
A simple walk at night when the wind is bubbling
Vindicating the monotony of creative mathematics
Proves we devour the secretions of billions of mamas
Invitations are everywhere, awkward family reunions
Punctuate the glory of being rock candy, suckling
Sunsets that set countless tablecloths on fire
Dinnertime is a moody serial killer of protein
Feeding us bread crumbs of ineffectual romance
Across the boo hoo tightrope of increased workdays
Only Oblivion’s psychedelic keyholes seem to know
Of my little trips with hat and gloves, strolling to hurry home

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