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Four Poems

by Evelyn Posamentier

From Canary August/September 2009


the lake swallowed the world.
only a cool mirror remained.
what was the lake thinking
when it got later & later
& the fisherman didn't come?
nothing could have troubled the lake more
than an uneven sky or a season that lost itself.


the lake knows better.
swollen berry bushes
crowd the humid spaces
of summer. through
pine branches i can see
the fisherman adjusting
his line, the boat turning
toward a difficult darkness


the flowers & the trees & the loopy clouds
gather to hear the summer lake's wish.
a small boat pushes off from the shore.
the tackle box is open.
the fisherman once sat there
unwinding his line, his mind
still as a blank sheet
waiting for word


in the factory, the lake snuck up behind him
& numbed the noise of the assembly line.
dip the oars & the shore recedes
piecework firing on the escaping soul.
in the factory, the fisherman snuck off
to the summer lake, threading
his hook with secrets.

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