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Prince Edward Sound

by Richard Donnelly

From Canary Fall 2014

Richard finds solace in the beautiful creek and bluff country of Southeast Minnesota.

The best boat for Alaska is
the Hewes welded aluminum Pacific Explorer
where they fish from an eight
foot wide flat deck with
a self-draining cockpit and
two diaphragm floor boxes and on
off-days they are running
Prince Edward Sound to
deliver fifty pounds of potatoes
and two hundred of moose meat
to cabins on Kodiak Island
where stout-legged and wind-burned men
and women fish and camp
hunt and drink beneath the mountains
glaciers and sky the cobalt sea
crashing the seabirds crying in
a madness of multi-colored
days with more equipment better tools
a free hand at
ice granite gold oil sky
all of us living living living
until we die

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