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The Death of Rachel Carson--April 14, 1964

The battle of living things against cancer began so long ago that its origin is lost in time.      ~~Rachel Carson

by Donelle Dreese

From Canary Spring 2017

Donelle lives in the Little Miami River watershed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It had spread to her liver.
She never read the last letter

from Dorothy, the one that said--
I have come to a great sense of peace about you.

She said for all at last return to the sea.
Then death came whale-bursting

into her life, metastasizing
stirring its cellular gravel.

Denial is a disorderly thief
and resistance turns water to lead

so she let the thing flow through her
plunged her tired arm into the mud

felt the cool, thick mercy
against her skin, waited for the clay pack

to reclaim her fingerprints
until pain became impossible.

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