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Oak Tree Grove

by Allegra Jostad Silberstein

From Canary Winter 2011-12

Allegra lives on a secluded acre of land near Putah Creek on the outskirts of Davis. Even though it is lots of work she feels very much at home here because she grew up on a farm in Wisconsin.

Thanksgiving Song

From seed to root to lofty branches
eternity resides: seen and unseen
in the gathering years.
Rest in the sacred grove.

Deep roots for endurance,
deep the river beneath the earth
that flows in the heartwood
where birdsong gathers in circling years.

The trees more space than solid matter
hold the breath of spirit,
hold memory of the tribe,
hold the seed of evolution.

Rest in the sacred grove,
let spirit enter,
let memory, past and future,
change your heart.

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