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Roadkill Beautiful

by Janet Barry

From Canary Winter 2009-10

Janet lives in the foothills of the New Hampshire White Mountains, surrounded by the very active watershed of the Piscataqua River.

as is the turkey,
wildly waving to each car passing, each truck,
she performs her salute, she raises her
wind-worn wings, plumed and gorgeous
in afternoon sun, iridescence gleaming along
her fine long neck, soft along the breast, feathers turn
tawny brown tail to russet red, ooze
as the crows begin their feast, and beautiful,
as is the porcupine, raised this morning by Spring’s strong pull,
meeting dawn with hunger, rolled, rests, sharp with claws curled under,
barbs black and white, military lined, now protecting
only his road-ground bones still beautiful,
as is the fox, the squirrel, partridge, chipmunk,
the deer must have leapt four lanes to meet chain link, her eyes
open, she gazes at blue sky and the bend
of backbone explains why she paused in crumpled
flight, her slender legs, dark hooves,
her head so fine boned and beautiful,
as is the raccoon, the sparrow,
snake, turtle, skunk, salamander, beautiful
as is the turkey,
wildly waving
to each car passing.

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