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Undermanned Weatherman

by David C. Miller

From Canary Winter 2017-18

David lives in La Porte County, Indiana, which, according to the federal government, is the farthest point in the U.S. from any ocean and has the highest number of cloudy days, for which reason during WWII they chose to build a giant munitions factory there where the enemy would be least likely to find and bomb it.

Thunderous sunshine,
struck the region unexpectedly,
We sent out the satellite trucks,
but lost them in the unseasonable fog.
We half-expected,
this front to move there,
or perhaps over there.
I guess the computer modeling…
tomorrow looks pretty much like yesterday,
but since we got that wrong, who knows.
The current pattern,
is reminiscent of what was seen in ’75,
when my wife consented to marriage,
thus proving climate change is real.
More on this at ten, or eleven, not really sure.
Apart from that,
We are predicting more,
for the unforeseeable future.

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